VoIP Telephony Services

Empower your employees while growing your business with modern telephony services.

There is no compromising when it comes to a reliable telephone service. Communication with clients, suppliers and employees is a cornerstone of daily operations when you’re building a successful business. More enterprises are finding the value and benefits of using a cloud-based VoIP phone system unbeatable when it comes to optimising their business communications and output.

What is VoIP telephony and how does it work?

VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put, a VoIP phone system uses your internet connection to make a phone call, instead of a regular landline or mobile network. The core of the VoIP system is hosted in the cloud. So, your team can access world beating, corporate PABX functionality from anywhere. Your VoIP system can be accessed from a traditional style desk ‘phone but most users will access the system via their computer or mobile.

The system offers all the features you would expect from an advanced corporate telecommunications system to enhance your phone usage such as voicemail, hunt groups, internal call transfers. The system also lets you employ call routing systems, auto attendants and some even have screens that allow for audio and video-conferencing.

At Boldfield, we focus on bringing you modern hosted IP telecom solutions that provide your organisation with a flexible and low-cost approach which fits with today’s business environment.

A VoIP configuration typically involves a desk phone and a VoIP service provider and can do so much more for you than your traditional landline. Boldfield Computing has helped numerous businesses make the switch from traditional analogue phones to VoIP phone systems to take advantage of features that can enrich their business operations. With teams expanding and becoming global, business owners will be pleased to hear that VoIP telephones can even save on call charges as you make use of the internet to place calls.

Some of The Benefits of VoIP Telephony Service

  • Scalability – Every business’s goal is to grow, and your communications should seamlessly be able to accommodate your growth. A VoIP solution eliminates having to purchase expensive hardware or dedicated landlines as your business grows.


  • Flexibility – VoIP functionality is not only restricted to in-office use. With increased workplace flexibility, your VoIP system can adapt to the lifestyles of your employees without hindering their productivity. Communications can be switched between the hardware and mobile devices so that your employees are easily contactable, even while they’re travelling for work.


  • Business Insights – Transform your business by gaining valuable insights into your clients and even agent performance. With call tracking, various metrics can be recorded such as behavioral trends, and session metrics and you’ll even have the functionality to track the performance of a specific number given for a marketing campaign so you can measure ROI.


  • Reduce Costs – With hosted VoIP Telephony there is no upfront capital investment required, you simply subscribe on a pay-as-you-use basis. Our customers also gain the benefit of free calls between offices or employees working at home and significantly cheaper local, national and international call charges.

Features of VoIP

There are numerous features available for your business when you switch to a VoIP system. Boldfield’s experts will take the time to understand your business requirements to advise you on a customised system that integrate into your current systems and bring the most benefit to your business.

Some of the most popular features that our customers need are:


  • Call management: This feature supports your front desk operations and allows you to prioritise, hold, route or block incoming calls


  • Auto-Attendant & Self Service: Provides the ability to automate the management of inbound calls using voice prompts to identify which services are required and direct the call appropriately.


  • Call recording & Rating: VoIP makes it easy to record phone calls. Gain full visibility and insights into your calls to improve customer service and employee performance.


  • Hot-Desking: You’re able to log into any device and still have all your agent profile settings show up automatically. This is a useful feature for business owners running low on office space or have field agents using cell phones.


  • Conference calling: With remote workers becoming an integral part of many businesses, conference call functionality is as important as ever. This feature enables you to add more than three people to a single call, promoting teamwork and enhancing collaboration.


  • Application Integration: You’ll have access to ready-built integration into MS Outlook, Lync and Google Contacts as well as all of the leading CRM and Accounting applications including Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE and Salesforce.com.


  • Real-Time IM & Presence: Each user gets a real-time view as o whether other users are busy or available before they attempt to call that person, or before transferring a client to that line.


  • Unified Communications: Boldfield Hosted UC enables you to fully integrate your hosted business telephony into the desktop and mobile environment with an easy-to-use app to manage their contacts and to view call history, complete with simple click to call.


Frequently Asked Questions about Hosted VoIP telephony

  • What are the different types of VoIP services? – In essence, there are 3 types of VoIP services that you can consider for your business: in-house, hosted and hybrid. After consulting with our team of experts at Boldfield, we can advise you on the best system to accelerate your business growth and employee engagement.


  • What are the disadvantages of VoIP? – The advantages of a VoIP system definitely outweighs the disadvantages. But, there are a few extra considerations to ensure that you’re able to capitalise on your VoIP system, such as:
  • Audio quality – This is dependent on your broadband and hardware.
  • Bandwidth dependency – Your VoIP system depends on your internet connection. Boldfield can ensure that you have a reliable internet connection and bandwidth and hardware to make sure that your system is always connected and offering the best quality calls.


  • Can I use my VoIP Phone anywhere? – VoIP services can work anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet. This means that your employees are far more mobile and they’re able to work from any location, unlike when they’re using traditional landline phones which restrict them to their desk.


  • Can I use VoIP phone as a regular phone? – Yes, a VoIP phone has the same core functionality that a regular landline phone has when it comes to call management but a VoIP phone system offers more advanced features at lower costs.

Contact the team at Boldfield to discuss your options for a hosted telephony service. We’ve helped many businesses make the change and improve their modern communications.