Business Broadband Services

Boldfield Computing has worked with many customers, offering a tailored connectivity packages that provides the dedicated support needed to operate efficiently while exceeding expectations.

In today’s changing landscape, cloud-based technology services have become the foundation of many businesses. If your organisation has migrated to the cloud, a reliable and secure internet connection is critical. Boldfield Computing has worked with many customers, offering a tailored connectivity packages that provides the dedicated support needed to operate efficiently while exceeding expectations.

With an increase in the remote workforce, more businesses are relying on the internet to have accessible teams and are making use of co-working spaces to encourage collaboration amongst their global teams. Now, more than ever, businesses not only need to stay connected with fast and reliable broadband for their success but they also need the dedicated support from an internet service provider that genuinely cares.

In 2022, around 30% of the UK workforce is working remotely, as a business owner, you have enough logistics to manage with a remote team, and the worry of unreliable internet should not be one of them.

The new era of remote work has highlighted a lot of shortcomings of some service providers that try to give their customers a one size fits all solution. Boldfield has assisted many companies in making the switch, to not only a better broadband connection but to a service provider that takes the time to understand their needs and provides a tailored solution that enables their business to stay connected, minimse downtime and increase productivity.

Choose a service provider that thinks ahead

The last thing you want when your team relies on an internet connection is to have a service provider that relies on reactive troubleshooting. Nothing is more frustrating than logging a complaint and being added to a long queue while your business productivity and output come to a halt. At Boldfield, we plan for the future to make our customers’ lives easy and seamless.

Boldfield has a sophisticated proactive monitor system in place that means we’re able to identify a fault on the line before it happens, we can solve the problem without our clients ever knowing there was an issue or we can offer a proactive heads-up to manage expectations. One thing is for sure, you won’t be caught off guard. 80% of our helpdesk calls are self-generated by our unique proactive software  – that is why we can confidently say that Boldfield is proactive. Over 99% of inbound calls are resolved on a one-call basis. So you can say goodbye to numerous follow-up calls or spending your day on hold while they troubleshoot the issue

Types of Business Broadband services offered by Boldfield

Leased Lines

These are the perfect solution for businesses that need high bandwidth for their operations. With dedicated lines from Boldfield Computing, your business will have access to secure connectivity decreasing down time caused by internet problems and increasing your team’s collaboration and turnover time.


Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM is is a popular choice amongst SMEs. The high quality data connection comes with a dedicated bandwidth service available with many benefits as an uncontended service. This means that the bandwidth is dedicated to your business alone, so it doesn’t fluctuate during peak business times but always remains consistent.


Fibre Broadband


Perfect for businesses who have access to local fibre-based cabinets. FTTC, also known as fibre to the cabinet offers businesses higher bandwidth with impressive upload and download speeds.



Boldfield can provide you with G.FAST which has the potential to save a lot of money. It’s a technology that provides higher speeds than FTTC but, as G.FAST doesn’t require full-fibre connectivity, it’s available in many areas where FTTP might not be available.


Mobile Broadband

When you’re on the move, our mobile broadband solutions can help you stay connected. Mobile broadband provides you with a portable internet router that cancome in the form of SIM cards, dongles or hubs.

Frequently asked questions about business broadband

  • What are the benefits of business broadband? – Boldfield can help you take advantage of the many benefits offered by a business broadband connection. It offers better data transfer capabilities allowing more generous upload and download speeds. It also means you have access to faster connection speeds. Business broadband offers static IP addresses, which is useful if your business is hosting its own servers for emails, website hosting, remote connections and cloud hosting services.


  • What is the difference between home and business broadband? – Business broadband is able to fulfil more advanced requirements that you won’t need for residential purposes such as faster speeds, bugger capacity more secure and reliable connection which often comes at a higher monthly price than residential broadband.


  • Why is broadband important for business – With broadband enhanced connectivity, you’ll have better collaboration. Reduce downtime and improve productivity amongst your employees by ensuring they have the correct tools to succeed. A better connection will ensure they’re able to share files easily, have interruption-free conference calls and have better communication with clients and service providers.