Business IT Software 

Overwhelmed by the choice of business IT software? Looking for software that's right for your business needs, and not just a one-size-fits-all solution? Or are you needing support as you migrate to new software? Boldfield can do it all.

What is business IT software?

Business IT software is an application or set of programs used by a business to improve, support and automate the work the business does, their teams’ productivity and the processes they follow. That can include many, many different types of applications or programs, from applications that are accessed via an Internet browser helping to organise workflows, to complex programs designed specifically for a business to automate manufacturing processes. 

Overwhelmed by the choice of business IT software and not sure what is right for you? Speak with Boldfield 

What are the benefits of using the right business IT software?

IT software can be transformative for a business, but the wrong IT software can be costly, time-consuming and begrudged by employees. 

Choose the right IT software and your business can see benefits across: 



Your teams can get on with their jobs seamlessly, without the interruption of tech not working. It’s estimated that the average amount of time spent solving an issue relating to IT downtime is 200 minutes – so you can imagine that quickly adds up if software is unreliable time and time again (and if you don’t have the right IT support in place).  

Tasks can also be automated or simplified using software, helping employees to focus on more important jobs.  


Job satisfaction 

Software can take away mundane tasks, make it easier to get tasks ticked off the list and help employees to get things done in less time. All of that contributes towards job satisfaction. 


Competitive advantage

Software can help manage customer relations – allowing your teams to communicate efficiently, it can improve the visibility of processes making things run more smoothly, it can remove repetitive or complicated tasks prone to human error and thus increase accuracy. Software can even help businesses to innovate – allowing them to enter new markets, develop new products or manage previously unfeasible processes.  



Better productivity? Improved employee job satisfaction? A competitive advantage? All of these factors can add up to cost-savings. Software is an investment for your business, and when chosen well, with your business’ goals, operating and budgetary requirements in mind, it can lead to significant savings. 

How to choose the right IT software for your business?

To choose the right software for your business you’ll need to match your needs with the available products, evaluating what works best and for what cost. You’ll need to look at the size of your business, whether you plan to grow, what you want to achieve and your budgets.  

For example, you may have plans to grow, so you’ll need software that is easily (and cost-effectively) scalable. You may want to focus on strengthening your current customer satisfaction, so software that integrates with CRM systems may be beneficial. Or you may have limited budgets, but need software to improve productivity, so you’ll want to find software that’s effective but not out of reach.  

Many businesses also choose to review their current processes when choosing new software, so they can see how different options would fit in – and whether anything would need to change. 

All of that can be a lot to juggle, which is why many businesses turn to business IT software experts for help… 

How can we help?

Boldfield have a broad depth of skills alongside access to the widest possible business IT software. We are accredited partners and resellers of the IT industry’s leading companies such as HP, Symantec, Microsoft and many more. We make it our goal to match your needs with all of the available products, advising you on the best and most cost-effective solution.  

Here’s what some of our existing customers have to say: 

”Friendly, efficient professionals who still believe in plain English.” 

”We have been using Boldfield as a primary IT supplier for more than a decade – they have never let us down.” 

”A great help in giving us the tools to manage and grow our business.” 


Let us find the best software solution for your operations and long-term aims

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