Remote Support

To use this function you must first call Boldfield to obtain a Boldfield Remote Support Pin Code.
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Boldfield Remote Support

Boldfield Instant Support for PC:

Instant Support PC

Boldfield Instant Support for macOS:

Instant Support macOS

How It Works

Download the correct client for your computer and enter the 9 digit code.

This feature allows one of our Consultants to link to you.

Please click on the button on the top right to download the correct application then enter the 9 digit code that you are given.

This service is usually restricted to contracted support customers. For more information on Boldfield Remote Support System please feel free to contact us on 01954 789978.

No Support Contract?

You can still get support.

If you don’t have a contract with Boldfield – you can still get support.

Simply call our customer support team on 01954 789978 and explain your issue.

There is an ad-hoc paid for support service that we offer customers to let them try out our service.