Microsoft EMS

Cyber security without compromising employee productivity and flexibility.

There is no denying that virtual workspaces have become the norm. Along with businesses moving their data and operations online, it is no surprise that companies face more security threats than ever.  

The benefits of working remotely are endless for both employees and employers, but you might find yourself in a vulnerable position and exposed to more security threats than when only one office location and server were used.   

If this is the case for your organisation, and you’re fairly new to understanding the level of increased cyber security that’s needed, let Boldfield help take advantage of the latest EMS software to secure your business operations.

What is Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security?

The Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Suite is a set of tools providing your organisation with everything you need to secure devices and data that are used by any employee in your enterprise.  

Nobody can deny the benefits that remote work affords from cost savings to enabling employees to answer emails from their cellphones and collaborate on work documents from their personal tablets. But investing in EMS is important and failure to do so could cost your business dearly.  

With the Microsoft EMS Suite, you’re able to retain control and ensure the safety and security of your company data, even when employees are using their personal devices. Reduce the risks of security breaches and leaks that might lead to downtime and less productivity because you don’t have the correct systems in place. 

Our experts at Boldfield have helped many businesses deploy Microsoft EMS seamlessly to secure their online assets. We work alongside businesses to keep your team operating at full capacity, eliminating any security threats that can impact business productivity. 

What are the Main Features of Microsoft Enterprise, Mobility +Security?

Identity and Access Management 

Microsoft EMS provides each employee with a single user account that is accessible on each of their devices. This gives users the ability to navigate between devices effortlessly as well as take advantage of the thousands of integrations with SaaS apps available, like Skype, Teams, OneNote and Dropbox to boost productivity and efficiency. If the time comes and a user needs to be removed or added to the EMS system, this can be done easily, without compromising the integrity of your business data. 



As convenient as it is for users to access organisational data from their personal devices without putting any data at risk, it also affords businesses the ability to remove all organisational data from a device, without removing personal data. You always have control over your data and what users are able to access. 


Information Protection 

Moving your workforce to an online space can be daunting, especially when you fear sensitive data being leaked, whether by mistake or on purpose. As part of the Microsoft Enterprise offering, Azure Information Protection ensures that sensitive data can be encrypted whether it is on email, your file server or SharePoint. Access to a document can be logged and monitored and revoked even after a user has had access to the document. Data protection doesn’t get any more secure than that. 


Identity-Driven Security 

As cyber security measures evolve to protect, so do hackers and their techniques. In the rare case that passwords might be compromised, EMS provides the option for multi-factor authentication that can be enabled as a physical layer of defence to safeguard against stolen passwords and any access attempts as a result thereof. 

With enhanced login security, any suspicious login attempts can be blocked and user access revoked quickly and easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft EMS

What are the benefits of EMS Suite for your business? 

With the support of the Boldfield team in deploying and optimising your EMS Suite, you take advantage of the key benefits, such as single sign-on to any app or service from any device, document-level security, and secure access to any company data as well as constant security monitoring. 


What is included in Microsoft EMS? 

There are four main components in the EMS Suite, which include: 

  • Azure Active Directory Premium 
  • Microsoft Intune 
  • Azure Rights Management 
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics 


Is EMS included in Office 365? 

EMS is available as a standalone product but it is also available within Microsoft 365, which combines Office 365, EMS and Windows 10 into one bundle available as Business, E3 and E5. Speak to a Boldfield consultant to understand what your organisation needs. 


What is the difference between Microsoft EMS E3 and E5? 

There are different versions of Microsoft EMS available to suit your unique requirements. Having a Boldfield expert do an assessment of your needs can help you choose the correct features that you need for your business. Microsoft EMS E3 is the original version of EMS, which includes the base version of the product, whereas Microsoft EMS E5 has 3 additions, such as the P2 version of Azure Active Directory, and the P2 version of Azure Information Protection and the new Cloud Ap Security.