IT Support & services in Central London

Are you looking for proactive, integrated and scalable IT support and service in Central London? You've come to the right place.

IT is a key factor on business growth

Looking for a London based forward-thinking IT provider? You’ve found us.  

Boldfield proudly supports businesses of all shapes and sizes, ranging from fledgling SMEs to established international organisations. One common, fundamental thread connecting all our clients is the necessity of robust, resilient and secure IT systems. We help all of our clients to manage their IT systems for maximum efficiency and to facilitate significant future digital transformation and business growth.  

Future-proofing our clients’ commercial IT systems is one just example of the value we offer our Central London clients. Since 2006, our expert IT teams have supported hardware, software and IT help desks, implemented workflow transformation and advised on backups. We are committed to and experienced in taking a whole-house approach to IT support that meets your strategic goals.  

Expert IT support and services in Central London

Our Central London experts are located just a 10-minute walk from The Shard, making us best placed to support the capital’s prestigious business community, which is continually navigating new and exciting territory. We are primed to help Central London businesses adopt new technologies, adapt to hybrid working and pivot into emerging markets.  

Central London, the innermost section of the capital, hosts an extraordinary array of commercial activity. From the headquarters of multinational publishing houses, law firms, accountants and property companies, to innovative co-working spaces, creative industries and design studios – all of which rely on fast, reliable and secure digital technologies.  

Our Central London IT professionals work with London businesses, both remotely and on-site, providing agile and astute solutions within diverse commercial settings.  

This experienced team offers the broad, yet also highly-specialist, knowledge of the IT industry which the traditional to the wildly-innovative businesses of Central London demand.  

Proactive, reactive and future-proofed IT Services for Central London businesses

Central London businesses have unique IT needs, ranging from pivots into a culture of hybrid working to handling hardware and networking challenges in listed buildings. We also understand that IT systems must maximise business efficiency, while supporting water-tight data security at every level. 

All Boldfield clients in Central London have vastly unique challenges and varied digital transformational goals, which is why we only offer bespoke IT support services.  

What IT services do we offer London businesses? 

IT maintenance services includes:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Remote support
  • On-site interventions
  • Administration
  • Report and follow-ups

Where to find us 

Opening hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm 

Call us: 0203 397 1946

Unit 1 217

London Lane



A team of expert and reliable London-based IT professionals

80% of calls handled by our SE1 team are outbound – proving our service is as proactive as it is expert. 

Boldfield Central London is a solution-focused IT provider, which means you can trust us to only offer the market-leading advice you need. Whether you are transforming your backup solutions and need faster, more secure and remotely accessible solutions, or are migrating to Microsoft Office 365, our team becomes an extension of yours. You can trust our on-call support experts to get onsite whenever you need us. 

We can also source and provide the right hardware and software 

Agile teamwork, talent and innovation are the beating heart of Central London business. Which is why Boldfield is committed to optimising every hardware and software requirement your people will ever have. For example, users supported by Boldfied can expect fast and secure hardware that’s capable of keeping pace with them, around the clock.  

Our Central London telecoms services also help businesses to install and transform their IT and connectivity, all with a dedicated single point of contact.