How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of organisations benefit from LeaseCloud?
LeaseCloud offers services to organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Customers should have at least 6 members of staff.

Can I use LeaseCloud for part of my requirement?
Yes, you can pick and choose what you take from us

Is it possible to spread the costs of software?
Yes, in many cases this is possible

I already have a quote and know what I want, can you still help me?
Sure, we can make a comparison so that you know you are getting value for money

What Microsoft offerings do you have?
We have the full suite of Microsoft licencing including cloud products like Office 365. We are also able to offer standard licencing and volume licensing. In addition, we offer licencing at special prices for charity and academic clients

What type of organisations use your services?
We have clients from the private sector, education and charities

What Telecoms Service can you offer?
A very full range including all the latest Voice over IP Offerings.