What Makes LeaseCloud Different?

You get expert advice on the right IT set up for your company – unlike other companies offering this service we are IT experts
We can combine Cloud and other IT services such as support if this is required
If you have a solution proposed by another IT company we will review this for you free of charge

You have the right, modern technology for your company without wasting valuable capital
You pay for equipment during its useful life rather than paying out large lump sum up front
Your team is more efficient working in the right IT system rather so you improve productivity without breaking the bank

You are not investing in IT equipment that will depreciate & go out of date
You can budget for your IT expenditure – unlike other companies we can bundle top notch IT support & cloud services as part of the package and you genuinely have a predictable monthly cost

You can own the equipment at the end of the term or renew depending on your business need
With Exit, Extend, Evolve you have fair terms throughout and have flexibility for your business.