Is LeaseCloud Right For Me?

Most organisations know they would benefit from a modern and integrated IT & Telecom system. But many are put off by the prohibitively high upfront costs of modernisation. There is an alternative. We can help you minimise capital costs and let you pay for these services as you use them. Paying for these services monthly makes sense and that is what LeaseCloud offers.

LeaseCloud is a world away from the old style leasing company. These companies can offer a financial package focussed on boxes and hardware. But that does not take into account of the fact that IT & Telecoms have changed dramatically.

Nowadays, IT and Telecom systems are more than just hardware. They contain conventional hardware such as computers and servers but they also have a mix of cloud service, software and support. LeaseCloud is not just a finance company we have the ability to offer Cloud and other services which set us apart.

This new approach offers the flexibility that Directors, Managers and Owners in the business and public sector organisations need.

An amazing range of technology is available – so that you get the right system, tailored for you

Incredibly, all of these service can come as simply monthly payments.