Your business may have started with "off the shelf” software, but this can become frustrating when the package doesn’t quite adapt to your processes and procedures. Over time this can lead to inefficiencies and poor integration. This is why Boldfield offer a bespoke software development service to our customers.

By offering custom software development, we can provide a solution that fits your business needs and ensures complete integration. It’s not just for the big boys either. We develop software solutions for small and medium businesses that are cost effective and provide real business benefit.

Boldfield’s bespoke software development service offers you:

  • An in house team of software developers who get to know and understand your business – no outsourcing to overseas countries.
  • Support from our helpdesk team local to you and direct from the developers.
  • Adaptability – as your business grows and changes we can adapt your software to meet your needs.
  • Rapid solutions – no more waiting for large software companies to bring out updates, a bespoke software solution offers you the flexibility to change and adapt when it is right for your business.
  • Cost effective solutions tailored specifically to your business.

If you are frustrated by your “off the shelf” software and your business is suffering, why not contact us in our Cambridge, London or Peterborough office so that we can discuss your requirements fully and provide you with some advice?