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Cyber Security for Businesses

Layered security services to protect your organisation.

Strengthening your defences against cyber attack requires robust standards, policies and training, coupled with rigorous testing and risk assessment. Boldfield’s team of IT experts can help you stay one step ahead of hackers and criminal gangs, who are ferociously unleashing waves of ransomware at the global business community.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is the company-wide defence you assemble to deal with the threat of cyber attack, data breach, loss and damage, password security. It also encompasses company policy regarding devices, remote working and the cloud.

Organisations the world over, from small enterprises to global businesses, are targeted by criminals seeking to profit by stealing data, credentials and intellectual property, and holding organisations to ransom by disrupting their operations.

Common cyber security risks that businesses face

Phishing attacks

Phishing emails are unsolicited messages which, at first seem genuine, but contain links and attachments carrying malware, or redirections to fake pages requesting payment details or passwords. Ransomware can infect an IT system in seconds, following one click of a link in a phishing email.

Zero-day exploits

Hackers target security weaknesses in software, seeking to infect and compromise entire IT systems. Also known as zero-day exploits, these criminal attacks can take days to be spotted by software developers. Another reason to invest in your own dedicated cyber security monitoring services

Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks

IT systems are maliciously slowed, frozen or crashed by hackers seeking to disrupt organisations and/or hold them to ransom. Malicious data or a flood of data commands can be used to trigger this type of cyber attack

Data Breach

Human error, insider threat, external devices and phishing emails are the main causes of data breach that organisations must defend against. Under GDPR legislation, organisations can be heavily fined if they are deemed responsible for a breach of personal data. For example, British Airways was fined £20 million1 for its failure to protect customers’ personal and financial details.

Contact Boldfield’s expert team for advice on how to mitigate the risks of phishing and data breach

What is a cyber security policy?

A robust cyber security policy will cover passwords, permissions, email use (including encryption), the cloud, acceptable use (including social media), remote working practices and much more. It is the set of policies and processes, owned by CIOs (Chief Information Officers), in order to protect their organisations from cyber attack and data breach.

Cyber security policies help organisations to mitigate the growing risk of cyber attack and data breach, along with the reputational and financial damage caused. The CIO’s policy will also inform the cyber security awareness training that should be offered to every employee of an organisation.

How Boldfield can keep you safe and secure

Our layered cyber security services prioritise security audits and risk assessment, which include penetration tests. These tests will scrutinise your IT systems and can also be used to gauge your employees’ cyber security awareness.

Beyond IT risk assessments, comes monitoring and detecting the signs of real and present cyber attack. Cyber security IT solutions include automated threat detection systems, which scan for signs of known attacks or unusual system behaviour.

Responding to cyber attacks is a third layer security service, which ranges from confirming the attack, assessing the damage, and planning for recovery.

Boldfield offers a comprehensive array of solutions and IT services which can be mobilised into a layered cyber security system for your organisation. With cyber criminals targeting organisations of all shapes and sizes, across all sectors, it’s wise to mount robust and comprehensive defences.

In practical terms, our services include Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), firewalls, anti-virus software, email filters, monitoring and response services. We can also advise on cyber security for the cloud and cloud-based email filters, whether you are running cloud backup servers and/or a suite of cloud applications. Boldfield experts

can also manage your firewall, ensuring it is updated with the latest firmware and regularly tested.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam

Bespoke anti-virus and anti-malware support services are offered via our cyber security IT help desks in Cambridge, London, and Peterborough.

With Boldfield’s support, you can mitigate the risk of malware reaching and damaging your IT system. Using only the leading anti-virus/anti-malware solutions for PC, MAC and servers, our team can also advise on how best to protect remote users and assets. We are partners with a select group of anti-virus/anti-malware vendors, and we offer Cloud-based email anti-spam/anti-virus.