We’ve partnered with some of the industry leaders in Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection to bring you a suite of solutions.

Security Services From Boldfield

We provide layered security to protect your organisation.

It is unfortunate but true that the level of internet security threats is at an all-time high. Various terms are applied – Spam, Trojans, Virus, Phishing, Spyware, Pharming. The list goes on.

Boldfield offers a comprehensive and wide-ranging suite of services to produce layered security to protect your organisation. We can provide a solution from our help desks in Cambridge, London and Peterborough.

A lack of internet security can have serious consequences for your business – causing a loss of reputation and fines.

How We Can Help

Boldfield's Security Services are:
Security Audit & Risk Assessment

A first step for us is a security audit to determine how your current systems measure up to industry best practice. This has many aspects including a penetration test. This shows potential risk, your level of defence and recommended actions (graded by their urgency and significance).

Security Products and Services

Our goal is to combine various products and services to give you the best possible layered protection.


Not all firewalls are equal, and we have an abundance of real-world data on the performance of various systems. The key thing now is the frequency and efficiency of the updates on the firewall. How good are they at spotting new risks and applying the correct defence? We ensure that your firewall is updated with the latest firmware and regularly tested for flaws and issues.

Anti Virus

We are ESET, Sophos and Symantec Partners and can offer you the right anti-virus/anti-malware solutions that will provide you with peace of mind.  We can customise a solution for your specific environment and provide support via our helpdesks in Cambridge, London, and Peterborough.

Email Filters

Almost all our clients now have a cloud-based managed security service to filter mail. This is a combined anti-spam and anti-virus solution. These managed services ensure that spam or viruses are prevented from reaching your network.

All e-mails are checked in the cloud. These security operations ensure that your information, assets and other valuable data are kept safely. Information security is paramount to us and we recognise the significance to you and your business.

Protection for Office365

We also consult on improving security within Office365 environments and feel that this is a necessity. Various options are available, most of our clients have multi factor authentication deployed in order to give the required degree of protection.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

At the top end of the scale we offer Advanced Threat Protection to uncover the stealthiest threats that would otherwise evade detection. This taps into global intelligence from one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks combined with local customer context. This system offers the best detection and accuracy in protecting against advanced persistent threats. Events can be Detect and investigate suspicious events via unique sandboxing and payload detonation capability.

Monitoring and Service

Tools alone cannot fully protect your valuable systems, data and reputation. A security system needs to be designed, updated, monitored and managed by experts to ensure the maximum defence.

If you are concerned about your security or are being bombarded with SPAM then why not contact us today so that we can ensure you have the protection you need.