Office 365

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What is Office 365?

Global businesses have emphatically harnessed the potential of Microsoft Office 365, and it’s easy to see why. With Office 365, colleagues can hold video meetings, stay productive and collaborative from any device, location and time zone – benefits that helped many businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Office 365 offers the well-known Microsoft apps Word, Excel and PowerPoint, alongside Teams and SharePoint, which improves how people communicate and collaborate: wherever in the world they are working. Many Boldfield clients have seamlessly migrated their operations to Office 365, adopting a whole-house approach to using the platform to its full potential. 

User-friendly apps within Office 365 can help boost your team’s productivity and develop new, more efficient workflows

Enlist Boldfield to introduce you properly to this exceptionally powerful Microsoft service. 

Getting The Most From Office 365

Adopt the transformative benefits of Office 365 and watch your business thrive. Because work can be done around the clock, from any device and from endless locations, Office 365 supports new hybrid working arrangements. More traditional office-based cultures can also be modernised, with due consideration for complex challenges. 

Immediate and unlimited file access

Office 365 cloud hosting puts your business files at your fingertips, wherever you are. Simply login from a mobile or desktop device to start work on the files you need. 

 Secure storage 

Robust processes and features mitigate security risks, making your Office 365 environment accessible to authorised users only.

Business continuity 

Working in the cloud helps to reduce the risk of business disruption and costly downtime. Even in the event of a power cut, fire, flood or emergency situation at your head office, your systems and files will be safe from harm and available for use without interruption.

Improved communication

Boldfield’s clients agree that Office 365 boosts collaborative communication. Tools such as Teams’ video calling and Teams’ chat help colleagues to get along. Chat messages are centralised and can be searched in seconds. 

Game-changing collaboration

Office 365 gives businesses an opportunity for closer, collaborative working. Why not take advantage of live editable (and commentable) documents, shared mailboxes, or the power to share and track the progress of documents in SharePoint? 

Ask Boldfield, a Microsoft Office 365 expert, how to transform the way your business works.

What applications can you expect from Office 365?

Let’s look beyond the software applications we all know and love (such as Word and Excel), to the tools that are helping worldwide businesses consolidate their performance and pivot into new possibilities. 


File sharing just got simplier and more secure with Microsoft SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Employees who need to share and update centralised documents, for example, will benefit from using this powerful tool in the Microsoft Office 365 environment. 


Sharing presentations and holding business meetings is easy within the Office 365 Teams app. Share your screen with ease, invite participants to video calls and upload branded backgrounds to give external meetings more corporate polish. Meanwhile, for routine tasks and teamwork, the Teams’ chat facility is instant, intuitive and searchable.


Perhaps the most familiar tool in the 365 suite is Outlook. This powerful app is accessible from anywhere, via your device, desktop or web browser. In terms of storage capacity, speed and the sending of attachments, Outlook in Office 365 is comparable to the Outlook of yesteryear. 


Cloud storage at its best. Transform the way you work and where you work with the file sharing capacity of OneDrive. Share documents with employees and external parties, and have the power to classify documents for viewing and editing rights. 

Microsoft Planner 

Track your daily to-dos or project milestones in the Microsoft 365 task manager tool. Build plans in kanban boards and add tasks with ease, before adding members to your project teams. Project managers can assign tasks to members, send notifications and instantly update statuses, from anywhere, with any device, any time.  

Trusted Office 365 providers

Boldfield is a certified Microsoft partner and our experienced team is equipped with all the expert knowledge you need to transform your workplace. We appreciate the nuances of our clients’ businesses and passionately offer bespoke Office 365 migration plans, including any necessary training and support. 

Trust our expert team of professionals to move your business onto Office 365 with minimal delays, downtime and disruption. Soon, like so many other businesses, in numerous sectors the world over, you’ll have this exceptionally powerful, agile and secure tool at your fingertips.

Moving to Office 365 is just the start of the journey. Boldfield proudly partners with its clients for the long term; troubleshooting and offering best-practice recommendations on how to maximise your use of the Microsoft 365 environment, now and for the future. 

Ask us about recent Office 365 case studies, and see how Boldfield is helping businesses boost productivity, improve communication and operate with greater agility. 

Frequently asked IT support questions

What are the Office 365 services?

A blend of the Microsoft Office software suite, cloud-based productivity tools, OneDrive storage, security features and hosted services. Services are offered on a subscription basis (at Consumer, Small Business or Enterprise level) under the brand name Microsoft 365.

Is Office 365 being replaced?

Yes and no. Microsoft renamed and evolved Office 365 – its long-standing bundle of services – into Microsoft 365, in March 2020. The change introduced, for example, Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formerly Office 365 Business Premium) and Microsoft 365 Business Premium (formerly Microsoft 365 Business). 

Can I use Office 365 on a Mac?

Mac users can install and use Mircosoft 365 apps on their machines. They enjoy the same fast and secure performance as PC users, and can share/edit Adobe files, such as Indesign, Photoshop and XD, via SharePoint.

How to install Office 365?

Boldfield’s team of Microsoft experts will support and run the installation of 365 on to your devices, PCs and/or Macs. Please note that existing users of Office 365 will need to have previous versions of Office uninstalled before Microsoft 365 apps can be installed.