IT Support Products

Efficient and reliable IT Solutions to empower and improve your business

Running a business is challenging enough without the added worry of insufficient IT Support. Partnering with professional and reliable IT experts can help you free up time to focus on maximising your business profits. Since 1981, businesses of all sizes have worked alongside Boldfield and have received worry-free solutions and seamless integrations to a range of IT products that have empowered their business. 

What are IT Products and Services?

IT support products and services include software, hardware and technology support that can power business growth and scale your business success. As technology is constantly evolving and impacting the way business is done, your IT requirements change. These include having access to products and services that help you run your business, such as the correct IT software and programs, server backups and even network equipment. Our team’s range of experience and expertise can help you gain a competitive edge with our custom IT solutions suited to your unique business needs. 


Your teams can get on with their jobs seamlessly, without the interruption of tech not working. It’s estimated that the average amount of time spent solving an issue relating to IT downtime is 200 minutes – so you can imagine that quickly adds up if software is unreliable time and time again (and if you don’t have the right IT support in place).  

Tasks can also be automated or simplified using software, helping employees to focus on more important jobs.  


Job satisfaction 

Software can take away mundane tasks, make it easier to get tasks ticked off the list and help employees to get things done in less time. All of that contributes towards job satisfaction. 


Competitive advantage

Software can help manage customer relations – allowing your teams to communicate efficiently, it can improve the visibility of processes making things run more smoothly, it can remove repetitive or complicated tasks prone to human error and thus increase accuracy. Software can even help businesses to innovate – allowing them to enter new markets, develop new products or manage previously unfeasible processes.  



Better productivity? Improved employee job satisfaction? A competitive advantage? All of these factors can add up to cost-savings. Software is an investment for your business, and when chosen well, with your business’ goals, operating and budgetary requirements in mind, it can lead to significant savings. 

IT products and services offered by Boldfield

We understand that every business has unique IT requirements. Our knowledgeable consultants will take the time to understand your business to provide customised support and solutions that align with your objectives. Working alongside Boldfield provides peace of mind that your software is always up to date and functioning to support and improve your business operations, without compromising productivity. 

Microsoft 365 

We offer full IT support to maximise your output and productivity with powerful software like Microsoft 365. You can enjoy the benefits and simplicity of creating, working, organising and collaborating with your teammates across various devices and apps while we provide support on Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and more.  


Microsoft Azure 

Take advantage of our expert knowledge in Microsoft Azure and empower your business with a full range of cloud services such as analytics, compute and storage and networking. Our hassle-free solutions enable you and your employees to be more flexible when working from different locations.  


Microsoft EMS 

The rise of the mobile-first, cloud-first era has created a need for technologies that protect and secure organisations and their data. With experience in providing specialist IT support for Enterprise Mobility + Security, Boldfield can ensure that your EMS is optimised to prevent any cyber security breaches posing a threat to your organisation.  


Cloud storage & backup  

Our IT professionals can ensure that the only thing you lose is the worry that accompanies a system failure. We can provide customised cloud storage and backup solutions that ensure your business data and applications are safely stored on a remote server in the event of a system crash.  



Whether you need to replace or repair any physical component on any of your devices, we can take care of your needs. Boldfield has an expert for all hardware sales, support & installation that you require.  



As your organisation grows and expands, you might need increased software support and maintenance. Boldfield offers software solutions and updates for your company to ensure that it’s always business as usual to ensure you’re operating at full capacity.  

Frequently Asked IT Support Products and Services Questions

What is an IT Service? 

IT services are essential in keeping your business running optimally, whether big or small. These services include IT solutions to requirements such as cloud backup and storage, network security, IT consulting, helpdesk support and more. Boldfield provides a range of professional IT services that can help meet your business objectives, reducing downtime and maximising your team’s output. 

What is an IT product? 

IT products concern any computer-related software, subscriptions and IT hardware used by a business to perform their daily operations. This also includes computer programs, upgrades and patches that businesses need to ensure their systems are secure and running smoothly. Being provided with the right IT products for your business is crucial to ensure that you can perform your daily tasks while also providing your clients with the best possible service.  

Why do businesses need IT support products and services? 

The need to always be connected and accessible online can cause major stress to businesses that do not have the correct IT infrastructure in place. Employees don’t have the knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot problems or maintain IT software or hardware. Any kind of downtime can be costly but by outsourcing IT support and partnering with Boldfield you’ll have peace of mind that all your IT products and services are maintained and working efficiently and maximising your return on investment. Let your employees focus on core business activities while we focus on your IT.