Every business needs to assess the risk it faces and to have a god plan to cope. The majority of businesses today rely heavily on IT and their telecom systems to function. It is also often the case that some businesses immediately think disaster recovery provision will be very expensive. That isn’t necessarily the case.

At Boldfield, our teams in Cambridge, London and Peterborough can help you put together a suitable IT Business Continutiy or Disaster Recovery plan for your business that takes into consideration the risk, allowable downtime and your budget. Including:

  • Recommendations on building resilience into new or existing IT equipment to reduce the risk of downtime e.g. UPS, disk mirroring, dual power supplies.
  • Provision of fast replacement or backup/replacement hardware so that you won’t be out of action for long
  • Support, monitoring and advice on suitable data backup strategies and solutions.
  • The use of cloud based server hosting, cloud backup,VOIP and cloud based software solutions such as hosted Exchange email that can provide resilience and allow you to run your business from anywhere.
  • Sourcing of and support with 3rd party disaster recovery suites if you need to temporarily relocate your offices

Whatever your requirement, we can help you look in a sensible and effective manner and make recommendations to improve your existing set up. Contact us and we will take a realistic view of your business and will provide you with solutions according to your budget.