Every business that uses IT needs to backup their data. However, our experience has shown that many don’t back up at all or have an incomplete backup strategy. Failure to have a comprehensive backup system in place for your business could be disastrous in the event of a systems failure/theft or physical disaster, and may even be breaching the Data Protection Act. This is why Boldfield have put together a series of backup solutions suitable for businesses that we manage and give you peace of mind. Our solutions include:

Cloud backup/offsite backup options
• On site tape backup
• On site disc backup
• Backup software – we partner with leading vendors such as Symantec, Veeam, EMC and others to ensure you get the right solution for your needs.

We can tailor a backup solution that works for your business and provide you with the support and monitoring from our local offices in Cambridge, London and Peterborough, to ensure your data will be there when you need it. Contact us today to discuss your backup requirements and how we can help with disaster recovery and business continuity.