IT Continuity

Keeping IT systems up and running and protecting them from the many threats every business now faces is a key challenge.

Boldfield Computing IT Continuity Services

Boldfield offers professional IT continuity services.

Keeping IT systems up and running and protecting them from the many threats every business now faces is a key challenge.

Boldfield offers professional IT continuity, risk management and resilience services. Our team of IT professionals are based in Cambridge, London and Peterborough have many years’ experience of designing IT systems with resilience in mind.

We are frequently called in to improve security. Boldfield also partner with key suppliers in the IT security and disaster recovery arena to ensure we can offer our customers the best and most effective IT continuity solutions.

Boldfield’s IT continuity and resilience services include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Antivirus and Antispam solutions
  • Backup solutions
  • IT Disaster recovery options and Business continuity provision

If you are a business in the Cambridge, London and Peterborough area and are looking for advice and support to improve your information technology resilience and ensure you are protected against everything from the latest threats and natural disasters. Contact us for a chat about a business continuity plan?

We can provide you with a full review of your existing setup and make recommendations on improving your security and resilience.

Anti Virus & Anti Spam

We have a suite of solutions to keep your systems safe.

Boldfield have partnered with some of the industry leaders in Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection to bring you a suite of solutions to keep your systems safe and free from major incident, whether it’s a desktop, server or your email. Our offering includes:

Anti Virus

We are ESET and Sophos partners offering highly regarded PC, MAC and server anti-virus/anti-malware solutions for your business. We can customise a solution for your specific environment and provide support via our helpdesks in Cambridge, London SE1, and Peterborough

Email Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

We provide a cloud based email anti-spam and anti-virus solution via our partners Symantec.

This solution ensures that spam or viruses never reach your network as all emails are checked in the cloud.

The Boldfield anti-virus and anti-spam service offers you:

  • Peace of mind – no more worrying about whether your virus checker is good enough or has the latest update
  • Improved productivity – no more spam in your inbox to go through every day
  • Visibility – notifications of suspected spam messages so that you can check and recover if it is a false positive
  • Full coverage – support for a variety of platforms and devices to ensure there are no holes in your security
  • Low impact – Reduce network traffic by eliminating spam and improve PC performance by using low impact anti-virus solutions.

If you are worried about your anti-virus protection or are being bombarded with SPAM then why not contact us today so that we can ensure you have the protection you need.

Backup Solutions

Backup solutions for businesses that we manage.

Every business that uses IT needs to backup their data. However, our experience has shown that many don’t back up at all or have an incomplete backup strategy. Failure to have a comprehensive backup system and management process in place for your business could be disastrous in the event of a systems failure/theft or physical disaster, and may even be breaching the Data Protection Act. This is why Boldfield have put together a series of backup solutions suitable for businesses that we manage and give you peace of mind to ensure the continuity. Our solutions include:

  • Cloud backup/offsite backup options
  • On site tape backup
  • On site disc backup
  • Backup software – we partner with leading vendors such as Symantec, Veeam, EMC and others to ensure you get the right solution for your needs.

We can tailor a backup solution that works for your business and provide you with the support and monitoring from our local offices in Cambridge, London and Peterborough, to ensure your data will be there when you need it. Contact us today to discuss your backup requirements and how we can help with disaster recovery and business continuity.

Veeam Backup

Discover availability for the always-on enterprise.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Put together a suitable IT Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery plan.

Every business needs to assess the risk it faces and to have a god plan to cope. The majority of businesses today rely heavily on IT and their telecom systems to function. It is also often the case that some businesses immediately think disaster recovery provision will be very expensive. That isn’t necessarily the case.

At Boldfield, our teams in Cambridge, London and Peterborough can help you put together a suitable IT Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery plan for your business that takes into consideration the risk, allowable downtime and your budget. Including:

  • Recommendations on building resilience into new or existing IT equipment to reduce the risk of downtime e.g. UPS, disk mirroring, dual power supplies.
  • Provision of fast replacement or backup/replacement hardware so that you won’t be out of action for long
  • Support, monitoring and advice on suitable data backup strategies and solutions.
  • The use of cloud based server hosting, cloud backup, VOIP and cloud based software solutions such as hosted Exchange email that can provide resilience and allow you to run your business from anywhere.
  • Sourcing of and support with 3rd party disaster recovery suites if you need to temporarily relocate your offices

Whatever your requirement, we can help you look in a sensible and effective manner and make recommendations to improve your existing set up. Contact us and we will take a realistic view of your business and will provide you with solutions according to your budget.