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IT hosting for your business

Launching your business website into the world requires a connection to the internet, which in turn requires reliable, fast and secure web hosting. There are numerous ways to manage this, ranging from shared hosting to dedicated hosting and the many hybrid solutions (including VPS hosting) inbetween. The unassailable fact, however, is that reliable and scalable web hosting is business critical. 

Hosting providers offer and maintain the servers that businesses use to trade, whether that involves a complex web app, ecommerce website or a modest marketing website. The best web hosting providers store files securely and keep websites and applications running with stability and guaranteed uptime. 

Looking to explore the pros and cons of shared or dedicated hosting, physical IT servers or virtual data centres, or Cloud and hybrid cloud hosting? Contact our expert team to find out more.

Why does reliable IT hosting matter?

Fast and reliable hosting is exceptionally important, not only for the reputation of your business but for day-to-day profitability. Unreliable web hosting could make your website sluggish, with broken content and slow load times. Worse still, subpar hosting could prevent customers shopping with you. 

Never underestimate the importance of fast web hosting services, especially if your business relies on ecommerce for its sales. Failure to invest in the best hosting solution for your business risks a compromised user experience and lost revenue. 

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Secure hosting keeps your business data safe

Outdated or unmaintained web servers can cause slow speeds, costly business interruption and devastating systems breaches. Furthermore, errors caused by web hosting providers have been blamed in recent years for the spread of malicious code through countless hosted websites. Security experts also warn that a hacker who manages to gain access to a shared hosting environment could target every website on that shared server.

To mitigate the risks associated with vulnerable web hosting, move to a dedicated hosting plan with Boldfield: your trusted hosting partner.

The benefits of cloud hosting 

Cloud hosting offers modern businesses an immediate, stable and scalable platform from which to thrive and grow. Here are some of the main reasons why:

  • Faster speeds: multiple servers, housed in remote data centres, spread the load of website requests and data transfer distance
  • Digital scalability: cloud hosting is flexible enough to accommodate the most ambitious transformation projects and immediate business expansions 
  • Service continuity: your website, systems and applications will run seamlessly from remote data servers, even in the event of a power cut in your business premises or home office
  • Lower costs: hardware is rarely required and electricity, insurance and office bills can be avoided

Trusted IT Hosting from Boldfield

Our UK-based team of IT specialists is equipped to handle every hosting challenge; from a single website request to the hosting of complex IT systems and in-house servers. 

With a wealth of expertise in cloud technologies and IT hosting solutions, Boldfied’s clients receive bespoke hosting recommendations based on their current commercial landscape and future strategic objectives. Enlist us to host your websites, systems and applications, and to support you with routine or emergency hosting support requests. 

Our responsive experts work from Boldfield offices in Cambridge, Peterborough, West London and Central London. Contact these teams for tailored solutions to your specific hosting challenges.

Frequently asked IT hosting questions

Alongside web hosting services, Boldfield proudly hosts its clients’ operational data and IT systems infrastructure. 

What is meant by IT hosting?

IT hosting is a remote alternative to housing IT servers at your business premise (or home office). Boldfield provides the external infrastructure required to host your IT systems and applications, mail servers and databases, so that you don’t have to. 

What is the difference between cloud hosting and IT hosting?

IT hosting in the present day is a subsection of cloud hosting. It is the practice of hosting IT systems (which would have previously been hosted in-house) in the cloud.  

Where will my IT infrastructure be hosted?

All our hosting locations are in the UK or European Economic Area.