Disaster Recovery

Could you be confident if your office was hit by a natural disaster you could reliably recover your work?

Disaster recovery services

IT disaster recovery has become one of the most pressing issues for business leaders, if not the most pressing of all. Whether the threat to business comes from cyberattack, insider threat or natural disaster, the stakes have never been higher and IT systems have never been so business-critical. Boldfied is committed to channelling its expertise into every aspect of IT disaster recovery and IT continuity, helping to support its clients through uncertain times.

Boldfield’s IT disaster recovery services, including cloud-based IT hosting and cloud backup services, are available to help mitigate the commercial impact of catastrophic IT interruptions. You can trust us to have expert Boldfield support on call for local businesses in our London, Cambridge and Peterborough office.

Use of cloud-based IT has skyrocketed since the Covid-19 pandemic first impacted the global business community, which illustrates the significant role it plays in crisis recovery. It is estimated that the cloud storage market was worth $30 billion in 2017 and is expected to hit $390 billion in 20281. If you haven’t already investigated the benefits of cloud technologies for IT disaster planning, now is the time.

What is IT disaster recovery?

IT disaster recovery is the act of policy making, tools and processes that keep vital technology running in the event of a cyberattack or disaster scenario. IT disaster planning plays a critical role in how modern businesses manage their applications, system and data backup processes, servers, data, systems, and access. IT continuity within disaster recovery planning extends beyond data and systems backups, into remote-access systems such Office 365. These proactive elements of IT disaster recovery help to keep businesses trading, and therefore mitigating the financial and reputational damage inflicted by major IT interruptions.

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The role of an IT disaster recovery plan

Your IT disaster recovery plan is the mechanism with which your organisation would get back on its feet and recover to full strength in the event of sudden downtime; whether the cause is ransomware, power outage, significant data loss or natural disaster. Ensure that the scope of your plan extends to every disaster scenario, and communicate it fully, clearly and repeatedly to your stakeholders and disaster recovery team.

Front and centre of every IT disaster recovery plan must be an individual recovery time objective (RTO), and from this all actions must flow. This brutally honest calculation (whether it is hours, days, or weeks) puts an exact figure on how long your business could survive without IT.

IT disaster recovery plans must be grounded in the explicit allocation of roles and responsibilities in the event of a disaster scenario. This avoids confusion and delay in the event of an IT disaster. Your IT team must know which functions within your organisation are business-critical ( your critical business functions), and how much tolerance for downtime exists at every level of your IT infrastructure.

The next pillar of IT disaster recovery planning is knowing exactly how to reinstate your business operations, as quickly and securely as possible. Boldfield’s team of experts can help you rank your IT functions in terms of priority for restoration, and advise on the most appropriate recovery methods. Inclusive to this service is a thorough audit of your existing IT hardware, software and tools, which scrutinises critical IT functions, including backup processes and remote access protocols.

What are the benefits of having an IT disaster recovery plan?

Brand reputation and customer trust

With cybercrime on the rise, businesses must face the real possibility of operational downtime and data loss caused by, for example, ransomware. Brands that rapidly reinstate their operations and proactively mitigate the risks of customer data loss, will stand head and shoulders above those who have not.


Streamlined processes and better software can be welcome by-products of IT disaster planning. For example, Boldfield can help clients whose backup processes are now outdated and arduous to upgrade their systems for greater efficiency and security.

Future proofing your operations

The process of creating an IT disaster recovery plan leads to greater transparency of the various strengths and weaknesses in your IT environment. Armed with these facts, business leaders can build better-informed strategic objectives, in areas such as digital transformation and hybrid working.

Business continuity

Organisations with resilience baked into their IT systems are primed to pivot under the pressure and survive significant business interruptions. For example, without provision for the cloud-based IT systems and cloud backups that supported remote working during the Covid-19 lockdown, many more businesses may have been forced to cease trading.

Greater cyber security and data awareness

IT disaster recovery planning brings the reality of IT risk into sharp focus. The prospect of exceeding your individual recovery time objective (RTO) surely makes a compelling case for upgrading your backup services and cyber security software, for example.

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Trusted providers of disaster recovery services

Boldfield helps its clients implement recovery strategies that are designed to cope with every imaginable cause of business interruption, ranging from cybercrime to global pandemics.

In practical terms, our expert team can integrate cloud-based server hosting, cloud backup services, VOIP and cloud-based software solutions with your existing IT system. Cloud-hosted exchanges, for example, can boost the resilience of your email systems and help to facilitate secure remote working.

We are dedicated to supporting your data recovery plans and mitigating risk across your IT infrastructure, both onsite and remote. Trust our team of experts to audit your IT systems and to help you mitigate the risks associated with the complex demands of digital transformation. Our tailored recommendations extend to every level of risk, from recovery planning and cyber security to Office 365 integrations for remote working