Cloud Services

Cloud based services can enable your business to be more flexible, particularly where your team work across a variety of locations.

Client Side Cloud Services

Creating worry free solutions to fit your business.

Cloud based services can enable your business to be more flexible, particularly where your team work across a variety of locations. They also provide a worry-free solution where there are no on-site servers to support.

These services are usually provided on a cost per month basis – so no nasty budget surprises. We offer everything from infrastructure as a service IAAS and SAAS (software as a service) to our client base.

At Boldfield, our team has extensive experience of providing cloud services to our customers across Cambridge, London and Peterborough and our cloud computing offering includes:

  • Cloud backup/Online backup for servers and PCs
  • Cloud Storage/Data Storage
  • Office 365
  • Server Hosting & Co-Location
  • Services – like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and advanced MS products

The key benefits to our customers from data centres and cloud services include:

  • The ability to access data from a wide variety of locations
  • The ability to access data from many hardware platforms including mobile and tablet
  • A monthly payment scheme with the ability to increase or reduce the number of users on a monthly basis according to business needs.
  • Improved resilience by hosting applications, services and data offsite so that in the event of a physical disaster, businesses can be up and running again much faster.
  • No worries about having to provide in house hardware and software support as this is provided as part of any cloud services package.
  • No costly outlay for hardware.

If you are interested in cloud services and are based in the Cambridge, London SE1 or Peterborough areas then why not contact us and we can provide detailed information about our products and advise on the right solution for your business.

Cloud Backup

We offer one of the best online backup solutions on the market.

Cloud Backup, also known as online backups are becoming an increasingly popular backup solution for businesses offering more features than traditional tape or disc backups. We believe the Boldfield online backup solution is one of the best on the market and offers the following benefits:


  • Fully automated backups with unattended operation i.e. no need for anyone to change tapes
  • Ability to backup servers, PCs , laptops, Linux and Apple devices and remote devices  – offering complete protection for all your devices wherever they are
  • 24/7 data recovery – no waiting to retrieve tapes
  • Offsite storage of your data in secure datacentres with fault tolerance – your data is protected, and offsite storage gives you additional disaster recovery options
  • Encrypted backups – to ensure your data is protected and compliance with data protection regulations
  • Full support for MS SQL, MS Exchange and MS Small Business Servers
  • Data verification – monthly checks are carried out automatically to verify your data is backing up correctly and can be restored.
  • The ability to restore data to any machine in any location – Your business can get back up and running again quickly even if you lose your offices through fire/flood etc.

Boldfield online backup is backed by Boldfield’s excellent customer support.  We provide local helpdesks in Cambridge, London and Peterborough to support your cloud backup solution so you can be assured of dealing with people who know your system.

For more information about how cloud backup can take the worry of protecting your data and to find out more about how it will work for you, contact us today. We will be happy to discuss your needs and advise you on the best backup solution for your business.

Cloud Hosting

We offer a range of cloud based server hosting options.

Many businesses are now looking to host servers and services in the Cloud – for use by their customers, their staff or both.

Boldfield are able to offer our customers a range of server hosting options to fit your needs and your budget.

We have the skills to deliver these services, to make them reliable and to make them secure.

Services can be offered using Microsoft Windows architecture or Linux and services can be shared or dedicated depeding on your need.

These solutions are cost effective and backed by a 99.99% uptime SLA.

The key benefits of our Cloud Hosting are:-

  • Robust hardware infrastructure in secure datacentre
  • The right service for you
  • Multiple bandwidth options according to your needs and internet failover redundancy
  • Service Level Agreements and uptime guarantees
  • Easy to use administration control panels.
  • Monthly fees for transparent cost
  • Project Management for end to end delivery
  • Support from Boldfield helpdesks local to your Cambridge, London or Peterborough office

Call us today for more information about our server hosting products and how we can provide you with a solution designed specifically for your business needs.