Cloud services can enable your business to be more flexible, particularly where your team work across a variety of locations. They also provide a worry free solution where there are no on-site servers to support. These services are usually provided on a £ per month basis - so no nasty budget surprises.

At Boldfield, our team has extensive experience of providing cloud services to our customers across Cambridge, London and Peterborough and our offering includes:

Cloud backup/Online backup for servers and PCs
Email Hosting/Hosted Exchange
Office 365
Server Hosting & Co-Location

The key benefits to our customers from cloud services include:

  • The ability to access data from a wide variety of locations
  • The ability to access data from many hardware platforms including mobile and tablet
  • A monthly payment scheme with the ability to increase or reduce the number of users on a monthly basis according to business needs.
  • Improved resilience by hosting applications, services and data offsite so that in the event of a physical disaster, businesses can be up and running again much faster.
  • No worries about having to provide in house hardware and software support as this is provided as part of any cloud services package.
  • No costly outlay for hardware.

If you are interested in cloud services and are based in the Cambridge, London SE1 or Peterborough areas then why not contact us and we can provide detailed information about our products and advise on the right solution for your business.