Every business that uses IT needs to backup their business data.

Proactive steps to keep your data safe.

Whether it is accidentally misplaced, deliberately tampered with or wiped out in a disaster, business data loss is a stomach-churning prospect. Data loss can inflict irreparable financial and/or reputational harm on organisations by triggering major business disruptions, enormous fines or bankruptcy.

It would be outrageously difficult and costly to operate without a backup file of emails, databases and operational data, including inventory, budgets, supplier information and orders. Downtime as a result of data failure can cost you dear; costing the business community in the region of £7,000 per hour to in excess of £3.5 million per hour in lost productivity1. Likewise, your ability to plan strategically would be grossly hampered without the business data needed to track sales trends and demand. And, these are mere hints at the full data loss nightmare.

Boldfield is dedicated to supporting its clients with their data backups, and offers dedicated and secure cloud-based data backup storage in the UK and European Economic Area. Whether you want to discuss new technologies, improve your existing backup processes, or start backing up for the first time, call on our exceptional breadth and depth of expertise today.

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What is an IT backup service?

Trust our expert team to support your disaster recovery strategy with a rigorous IT backup service for your critical applications, documents and assets. The Boldfield IT backup service offers considerable peace of mind, especially in light of a rising tide of ransomware attacks and similarly devastating cybercrimes.

Once installed, our innovative and secure backup software protects the IT servers at the heart of your business. Trust its automated processes to encrypt and backup data from your core operational systems, including email and databases, whether remote or onsite. In the event of an IT disaster and/or cyberattack, your data can be rapidly recovered in compliance with your disaster recovery plan.

A rigorous, automated backup schedule is inclusive to our IT backup service, which is coupled with backup and restore services, which inspect the integrity of your new data backup. These business-critical features help our clients mitigate the significant risk of human error in the backup process. We recommend you backup your data at least every day, which our automated IT backup service runs on your behalf.

IT backup strategies

An IT backup strategy is a critical piece in the jigsaw of disaster planning and disaster recovery. Operating profitably without contemporaneous business data is unthinkable, and the longer it takes to reinstate data to your IT system the greater the impact on your customers, your reputation and your bottom line.

The best data backup strategies assume the worst and plan for every possible data disaster scenario: imagine your office-based IT network is lost and the office backup is destroyed. Boldfield can help you implement a cloud-based backup solution that is both within your budget and you can trust to be secure.

Boldfield will give feedback on the quality of your existing IT strategies. During these conversations, we will judge how you treat your most crucial data, and test your backup solutions. We will tailor your IT backup service to your recovery process, and align it with your plans for accessing critical data in the event of cyber attack and business disruption.

What backup services are available?

We specialise in offering multimedia backups in internal and external settings. Such a variety of backup solutions offers all the resources needed to comply with the 3-2-1 backup theory. This recommended backup strategy asserts the principle that organisations must make three copies of their IT data, and that these three copies must comprise two internal copies backed up to two types of media, plus one copy made and kept externally.

Whether you lack cloud backup services or need to scale up your onsite backups, Boldfield has the technology and know-how you need. We partner with leading backup software vendors, including Symantec, Veeam and EMC, to create future- proofed bespoke backup solutions for every organisational requirement, today and for years to come.

Cloud/offsite backups

By backing up your IT data to the cloud you are creating an off-site copy for safekeeping. Fast, secure and easy to automate, our cloud backup service helps you to meet the requirements of the 3-2-1 backup rule, which is recommended for all

organisations. Cloud data is stored within vast data centres on secured and encrypted data servers.

Boldfield’s offsite cloud-based backup service helps organisations to backup their IT data in compliance with UK and/or EU GDPR and DPA 2018 legislation.

Onsite backups

Boldfield is experienced in supporting clients, in numerous sectors, with onsite backup technology. The onsite backup processes we offer include onsite tape backup and onsite disc backup.

Copying your IT systems’ data to a tape cartridge and to a disc meets the ‘two-media’ recommendation inherent to the 3-2-1 backup rule.

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Boldfield backup services

Failure to implement and audit a comprehensive backup plan places organisations at risk of catastrophic data loss. In the event of a cyberattack, natural disaster, malicious damage or accidental loss, your business could grind to a halt and personal customer data could be lost, placing you in breach of GDPR legislation. To avoid costly fines, reputational damage and harmful business interruptions, ensure your data security and backups are as robust as possible, and scrutinise them rigorously.

Every business that relies on IT systems must back up its data. However, experience shows that many don’t back up as comprehensively as they should.

Boldfield has a suite of solutions available to help you backup your data with confidence. Tailor-made solutions from Boldfield include data backup support and monitoring services, which are run from our local officesd in Cambridge, London and Peterborough


Frequently asked IT Backup questions

How often should a back take place?

We recommend that you backup your data at least every 24 hours, and would suggest backing up sensitive and/or business-critical data even more frequently if possible.

How long does a backup take?

You may have wildly different experiences of backups and timings, ranging from minutes to days. Whether you need to run full, differential or incremental backups, Boldfield helps its clients achieve the fastest possible backups for their IT data and backup methods. The slowest backup method is a full backup: when you backup every new and changed file in your system. Meanwhile, an incremental backup is considered to be the fastest: a backup of all changes and new files created since the last time you ran a backup.

Where is my data backed-up to?

Our backup cloud-based hosting locations are in the UK or European Economic Area.