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Accelerate efficiency, collaborations and growth with the right IT support.

Expert IT support for businesses.

It would be difficult to survive in today’s world without resilient IT support. However, in order to gain the competitive edge, fuel productivity and support business growth, ambitious businesses of all sizes need IT support that is pro-active and intuitive – letting your team focus on the activities that add value.  

We’ve been providing IT support to businesses of all sizes since 1981, paying close attention as technology became a catalyst for business success. Our team’s range of experience and expertise allows us to provide a prescriptive approach, implementing the cloud technology, intuitive software, cyber security and IT continuity services that meet your businesses’ unique requirements.  

What are the benefits of proactive IT support? 

Increased productivity

Using smart software and applications, you empower your team to remain connected, collaborative and productive, regardless of their location or device. A range of tools allow for instant communication across the country, and world, while cloud technology enables documents to be worked on together, in real time. 

Reduce costs

Predictive cloud technology, remote devices and analysis software helps your business to improve productivity and become more cost-effective to run, securing a better ROI. 

Become scalable 

By implementing the right infrastructure, you can enable your business to be responsive, flexible and capable as you grow.  

Power business growth

By using powerful analytical and business intelligence software, you can identify opportunities for growth and plan these projects accordingly.

More resilient 

Reduce the impact of disruption. Proactive and predictive cyber security, reliable hosting and effective recovery means sensitive data is protected, monitored and can be quickly recovered – minimising lost hours and costs.    

What can you expect from Boldfield IT support?

We’ve evolved our business to meet the needs of our customers. This means we have adopted the practices, solutions and tools that provide a proactive, advanced and efficient IT support and services. 

Our customers benefit from our focus on keeping systems stable and running, minimising downtime and the associated frustration and lost productive time. Our multiple office locations found across Cambridge, Peterborough and London allows us to deploy on-site support when required, while dedicated account managers strive to make sure your IT support is aligned with your business objectives and operations.  

Cloud Services

Cloud services can provide a worry free solution and enable your business to be more flexible when working at different locations.


Office 365

We are the real experts in Office 365 with many successful implementations and seamless migrations from legacy systems.



Looking to host servers and services in the Cloud? We are able to offer our customers a range of server hosting options to fit your needs and your budget.


IT Continuity

Our professional IT continuity and resilience services keep IT systems up and running and protect them from the many threats every business faces.



We’ve got a suite of solutions and management options for security monitoring that help keep your systems safe.



We have put together a series of backup solutions suitable for businesses that we manage and give you peace of mind.


Disaster Recovery

We build custom solutions to suit your business by taking into consideration the risk, allowable downtime and your budget.


Frequently asked IT support questions

What is IT Support?

IT Support, also sometimes referred to as technical support is essential in every business, regardless of its size. Professional IT support sees businesses provided with the right computer technology that encompasses infrastructure and network set-up, cloud computing, database management, hosting,and software. IT support allows businesses to become accessible, and collaborative, enabling office and remote workers across multiple locations to operate in a way that is seamless, productive and efficient. Outsourcing IT support is common practice, with providers such as Boldfield offering cost-effective,and up-to-date advice and guidance to make sure businesses see a return on the investment in their IT infrastructure.

Why do businesses need IT support?

The prevalence of always-on online communication and accessibility means that IT support is something that businesses should take very seriously. Good IT support means your sensitive business is secured in an environment that keeps it safe. It should also provide you and your team with software and solutions that are intuitive and automated, removing outdated, labour intensive activities when it comes to saving, accessing and sharing data and documents. This means time is freed up to focus on core business activities that add value, like winning new business, delighting customers and growing.

What makes good IT support?

You should look for an IT support provider that is proactive and responsive, monitoring your systems and fixing problems before you are aware of them – but that also offers guaranteed response times, and can adapt as your business changes. It goes without saying that your IT support partner should be knowledgeable and capable of providing the best advice, guidance and services that help your business meet its objectives and remain highly productive. If your provider isn’t trying to understand your business goals as well as your day to day operational running, it’s time to look for an IT support partner that does.