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Cambridge based IT company - supporting clients since 1981. We've built up a loyal customer base who rely on us for the smooth running of their systems.

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IT Support – Working Smarter

Cambridge IT Support company supporting clients to free and expand their businesses since 1981.

Having to adapt to new technological developments in a rapidly changing market can be complicated for today’s businesses. To meet the challenges of tomorrow, IT service offers first-class assistance at all levels of the connected company.

The trust placed by our customers on ambitious projects, renewed year after year, has established us as the regional IT leader. How did we get there? We have:

  • High level of expertise
  • Real financial strength
  • Strong relationship with key IT players

Boldfield Computing is a true partner committed to its customers. We place inspiration at the heart of our approach. It is a driving force for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Work Smoothly With an Up-to-date and Available Computer System

Our core business is IT maintenance and outsourcing of your infrastructure:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Remote support
  • On-site interventions
  • Administration
  • Reporting, and follow-up

The computer maintenance operations come to manage:

  • Network equipment
  • Servers
  • Operating systems – e.g Microsoft
  • Applications useful to your company

Boldfield Computing also optimizes and secures your infrastructure. Our team of engineers is dedicated to the evolution of your entire information system.

An IT Support That Gives You the Peace of Mind You Need and Deserve

We offer flexible and simple IT solutions for most technology platforms that are within everyone’s reach. To meet the needs of all customers, our computer service packages are also available individually.


Entrust Boldfield Computing with the management of all your IT needs. Invest your energy in other areas of your work and business.

User Help

Benefit from a team of certified professionals at all times for your users. In addition to technical support, you will get all the information you need to better understand your IT infrastructures.

Infrastructure Advice

Because your business continuity is important to us, we offer a proactive diagnosis of your equipment. Our automated system prevents breakdowns.

Prevention and maintenance

At Boldfield Computing, we focus on maintaining your IT environment. We want to ensure your business productivity.

Service and Advice adapted to your business

In order to meet your long-term needs, we implement network solutions that will follow you throughout your expansion. They will optimize your system for the present as well as for future developments.

24/7 real-time monitoring of your infrastructure

We offer a complete service of installation of security software. The latter monitors all connections between your computers and the Internet. This allows us to prevent potential threats.

Ticket system for all users

In order to be able to improve our systems, we keep track of the problems encountered by our customers. We also monitor the solutions that have been implemented.

Detailed report

Maintain a high level of visibility on your computer systems development and software. We provide you with detailed reports, including your inventory and the various incidents.

Cloud and Hybrid

The Cloud services offered by Boldfield are an essential component of the information system. They provide the flexibility, agility, and security that our customers need in the context of ever faster and stronger digital transformation.

Our global Boldfield offer has been built to meet the most critical and modular needs.

It is based on:

  1. Our own Cloud platform
  2. Complimentary Cloud services from the main players in the market
  3. Private Clouds of our clients

It is operated 24/7 by a dedicated team of certified engineers working in close collaboration with experts from our infrastructure and security network divisions.

Solutions and Storage

Our expert engineers act as privileged interlocutors of the IT departments on different phases of your projects. They ensure the maintenance of your platforms in operational condition.

In a constant effort to improve the security, performance, and rationalization of our clients’ IT infrastructures, we have :

  • A team of expert engineers, located locally in Cambridgeshire, highly specialized and experienced.
  • Certification labels from the main players in the market, guaranteeing our skills.
  • Multi-platform know-how guaranteeing our integration capabilities and impartiality of choice and advice.
  • A quality approach proven over many years.

Network and security

Technological evolutions inspire our engineers on a daily basis. The strong constraints of security and availability motivate them to give the best of themselves. This is for the implementation of our solutions and services:

  • Very high-speed network and high availability core network
  • Converged Networks and Datacenter
  • Corporate network and telecom links
  • Software-defined Network
  • Data security
  • Access security
  • Unified Communications and Video Conferencing

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Technology Not Your Thing?

Keep things simple, relax and let Boldfield help.

User environment

The user experience is at the heart of our customers’ concerns. Everyone is questioning their vision of the workstation they want to own.

With numerous achievements to our credit, Boldfield has the expertise and resources unequaled in the regions to answer these questions.

Prior to your investments, Boldfield assists you with advice and strategic choice of yourplatforms.

On a run-of-the-mill or volume basis, Boldfield distributes and delivers end-to-end services in the user environment area:

  • Supply of client machines, servers and software
  • Financial leasing
  • Workstation engineering
  • On-site deployment
  • Guidance for change
  • Recycling of packaging and old items

Service, Installation and Outsourcing

The men and women of Boldfield’s support and facilities management teams prove our company’s commitments on a daily basis.

Our engineers, technicians, and coordinators contribute to the maintenance and operation of IT platforms. They are passionate about the new technologies deployed and invested in the company’s missions. Not to mention the help of our consumers that contribute in many different forms to our success.

To carry out these operations, Boldfield has developed a range of service contracts particularly adapted to IT departments:

  • Operation, supervision, and modular support of the components of your Datacenter and your park.
  • Maintaining Operational Condition of Critical Platforms
  • Global management of your IT operations with a commitment to results based on objectives.
  • Technical assistance, and delegation of staff in management

Why Should You Trust Us?

Our Cambridge Support company is not the leader on the market for no reason. Here’s some of them:

A ready-to-use service

Thanks to IT support, you get complete services adapted to your business, without the worry of management. In addition to the resources at your disposal, our experts offer you quality technical support.

Efficient expense management

Save money by opting for IT support. No more need to go through the recruitment and training of an IT expert. Our IT solutions professionals are experienced and ready to put that knowledge to work for you.

Solutions to meet your needs

Since every SME and large company has very different IT needs, we offer different types of solutions to choose from. Our experts will help you find the ideal solution and implement it in your company.

Any Questions about IT Support? Talk to our Experts!

Here at Boldfield Computing you will have a complete range of skills at your company’s disposal to answer your problems at every step of the way:

  • Hotline technicians
  • Intervention technicians
  • System and network administrators
  • Engineers

Reachable and reactive, our technical IT support is at your disposal for any incidents or requests from your employees. You have a direct line to reach a remote support technician, an online customer area to create and track your requests, and a dedicated email.

Looking for a local support business partner? Get in touch now at 01223 852 660.