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IT is at the heart of everything that Boldfield does - from supporting systems to offering cloud services on the latest technology.

Boldfield Computing IT Support Services

Everything you wanted to know about IT but were afraid to ask.

West London, Peterborough and Cambridge IT services.


We offer IT Support to West London, Cambridge and Peterborough. IT is at the heart of everything that Boldfield does. Supporting systems, enhancing your security, building new hardware and managed services, writing bespoke software and offering cloud services on the latest technology.

IT is a massive issue and the wrong choices or poor service can be detrimental to your company. On the other hand a good system, well thought through and tailored around your needs can make your business fly.

Please read these pages to get a feeling for what we offer and contacts us for your free consultation.

Cloud Services

Cloud services can provide a worry free solution and enable your business to be more flexible when working at different locations.


Office 365

We are the real experts in Office 365 with many successful implementations and seamless migrations from legacy systems.



Looking to host servers and services in the Cloud? We are able to offer our customers a range of server hosting options to fit your needs and your budget.


IT Continuity

Our professional IT continuity and resilience services keep IT systems up and running and protect them from the many threats every business faces.



We’ve got a suite of solutions and management options for security monitoring that help keep your systems safe.



We have put together a series of backup solutions suitable for businesses that we manage and give you peace of mind.


Disaster Recovery

We build custom solutions to suit your business by taking into consideration the risk, allowable downtime and your budget.


IT Support from Boldfield

We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective service.

We’ve been developing our IT support offer with our clients over many years. Our service has evolved based on listening to our clients and on taking advantage of technological developments in the IT industry. We believe we now have one of the most advanced and efficient systems around combining advanced tools with our professional, understanding and helpful team.

We understand that keeping your show on the road is important. Our focus is keeping your system working and uptime. We know that any downtime or loss of service can impact cash and cause frustration to your team and your valuable customers.

At the start of the contract we review the overall system to minimise weaknesses and make sure all aspects of your information technology are stable. This is vital, as we document the system at this stage and install our advanced monitoring software. Then we proactively monitor the system throughout its life our service centre.

This proactive monitoring allows us to ensure that common issues are picked up, analysed and resolved before they cause you a problem. Every single day we spot issues through our software tools and fix them with no interruption to our clients.

Where users need help – our support system allows us to control your desktop to solve your issues quickly and efficiently our highly skilled team pride themselves on response times. So, you and your people can get back to work straightaway.

When you need us on site – that’s fine. We can organise that for you with a fast response.

Our service includes:

  • Pre Contract Audit and Check
  • Proactive monitoring from one of our technical centres
  • A local helpdesk where you can speak to local staff who will know your set up
  • Unlimited Telephone & Remote Support to resolve issues quickly
  • On-site support included when required at no extra cost
  • A named person to look after you and your company
  • Management of your 3rd party suppliers to save you time and hassle
  • Defined timelines for service
  • Fixed fees

Contact us today at our Cambridge, London or Peterborough office for further information on how Boldfield can support your IT.