Huxley Bertram

Huxley Bertram and Boldfield have grown together on this. Ten years ago, Huxley Bertram had 30 staff, today that is more like 70 – that’s a lot more IT to support!

The Company

Huxley Bertram is a mechanical engineering company founded in 1979, providing solutions for industries and applications of all types. Offering a wide range of services including concept design, build, test and commission, mechanical aids and fully automated machines. We pride ourselves on providing innovative and effective solutions and excellent customer service, committed to helping clients improve their operations.

The Case Study

Cambridge-based mechanical engineering firm puts its IT in safe hands 

Services provided: 

  • New server migration– improved performance and increase disk space 
  • Replaced the wireless infrastructure – faster wireless speeds, seamless roaming, and improved coverage 
  • Site to Site VPN connections – allow connectivity to the servers from all locations 
  • Improved the backup infrastructure – more redundancy and offsite backups 
  • Configure Remote Desktop Server – enabled remote working online of business app 

Two companies that have grown together over the years are Boldfield, and mechanical engineering automation firm Huxley Bertram. 

From starting life in a large garden shed, Huxley Bertram moved to its first location in Cambridge in 1983 before becoming established at its new Waterbeach premises in 2014. 

With IT at its core, and like many other businesses,  Huxley Bertram operated much of its home-grown IT, including its own server, data back-up, IT network, VPN and IT security. 

While the company had the skilled technical staff to maintain the IT support inhouse, it was taking  staff away from  their specialist mechanical engineering and automation skills’ – says Huxley Bertram Business Director, Steve Hales.  

Bigger premises, an expansion of the business and growing of the workforce led to searching for a more agile solution to IT support. 

Steve said, “As much as Huxley Bertram had the capacity to do much of this work, it involved key technical staff. It was better to go to an IT Support professional for proper available support; and keep our staff available for our primary work.” 

Huxley Bertram has been reaping the numerous benefits of IT support services provided by Boldfield for the past 10 years; allowing the business to grow, develop and increase its day-to-day productivity – with the peace of mind that IT and technical support are at the other end of a phone, as and when needed. 

Steve added, “We have a longstanding and good working relationship with Boldfield – we have both grown together over the past decade and are very in tune with each other’s way of working. 

“The collaboration means that we are able to call on Boldfield’s IT knowledge and expertise, fully aware that issues can be addressed and resolved seamlessly. Boldfield supply support as and when required. By putting our important IT support in safe hands, frees our technical staff to do our main work.  

“Huxley Bertram and Boldfield have grown together on this.  Ten years ago, Huxley Bertram had 30 staff, today that is more like 70 – that’s a lot more IT to support!” 

Steve Hales

Huxley Bertram

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