Microsoft Licencing – Too Good to be True?

Written by Andy Irvine
Let the buyer beware - buy from a local Microsoft partner or be at risk.
Microsoft Licencing – Too Good to be True?

A Number of customers have contacted us regarding cheap Microsoft licences that they have found on the internet. These deals often appear to be completely legitimate – advertised on Google Shopping or Amazon with all the correct looking logos.

Due to the fact that many Microsoft licences now come as downloads activated by a software key it is possible to let the customer download the software, which all looks fine. But then when you apply the key the software does not operate properly.

Microsoft are constantly checking for illicit and illegal versions of their software, so the chance of them detecting fake software keys is very high.

The advice then is that “all that glitters is not gold” – the people who buy licences that are counterfeit are left trying to get their money back from overseas companies and having to pay all over again for a proper, legal, bona fide licence. Microsoft do not operate a bucket shop or super discount system for their licences – why would they?

So the advice is to buy from your local Microsoft partner who can give you the best advice on the best licensing for you. Licencing of Microsoft can be complex with upgrade versions, volume licencing, subscription services etc.

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