How to beat SPAM

Written by Andy Irvine
Many business users are plagued with Spam. Some see this as inevitable - but that is not the case.
How to beat SPAM

There is confusion because many spam filters are ineffective. Here we tell you the only way to beat spam.

Many people see Spam as a nuisance – that is the case but the truth is much worse. Spam mail is often the source of attacks on your computer system and e-mail borne malware is becoming more and more common. Even more worrying, if you can see Spam that is just the tip of the iceberg – for every message you can see there may be hundreds that have been received and rejected by your server.

We don’t rate many of the Spam control products on the market. Some of these rely on sorting these on your server. That is hiding the issue, not solving it.

The only effective way to control SPAM is to operate a cloud based filter. We use Symantec E mail to control spam. Essentially, all the mail we send or receive goes through the cloud filter. This provides protection against e-mail viruses and a 99% spam capture rate. The beauty of this service is that unwanted spam and malicious content is kept outside the organisation – not on your servers. This is the most effective way to stop email borne viruses, malware, spam, phishing and bulk mail without any on site technology. These services are often referred to as mail washers and you will certainly receive and send clean mail as a result of using them.

This service is available on a £ per mailbox per month basis.

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