Beyond Back Up

Written by Andy Irvine
How you can have an out of the box disaster recovery solution.
Beyond Back Up

Many companies offer online back-up, but we have been looking for ways to extend this to a much more complete disaster recovery option.

Having an up to date back up is useful but this in itself does not get an organisation back in business. In the event of a loss of your business premises and/or server how can you operate? Your IT support company might be able to source a server, but many servers are built to order and in any event,  it will take time to get you back in business. If your business premises are out of action, then where will your IT set up be located?

Our new service solves this problem. Not only is your date back up but so are your servers. With this service we can switch on your servers with the latest data from the cloud. In effect, your servers and all the data can be made available form a secure data centre so you plus your team can log in from anywhere with an internet connection.

The costs of the service are little more than the typical costs of an online back-up service but provides a much more complete solution. This service is applicable to companies using VM Ware or Hyper- V.

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